Clark Botanic Garden Annual Fund Drive

Dear Friend of Clark Botanic Garden:

I am amazed at the diverse interests that Clark Botanic Garden has come to serve. Groups of primary school children have long found Clark Garden as a place to learn about the plant world through hands on projects in the Clark house classroom and guided explorations of the garden itself. Entire families participate in raising vegetables for themselves through Clark's family garden program. BOCES students and adult volunteers help to maintain the garden. Couples come to have wedding pictures taken here or hold an actual wedding ceremony. Others come to have pictures taken for other special events. The garden also hosts yoga classes, a tai chi exercise group, a book dub, an art group, lectures on varied topics, and numerous special events.

But most of all, the Garden is a haven for those desiring a peaceful, serene environment to enjoy and contemplate nature. Much has been done this year to enhance that experience. Clark's Long Island Gold Medal plant garden is expanding and maturing. Clark's first year as an All-America Selections Display Garden was successful. There are new patio furniture and picnic tables to enjoy. A recently installed new awning graces the entrance to the Clark house. For those wishing to learn more about the Clark family or the history of Clark Botanic Garden, there is a new permanent exhibit in the Clark house library. Whether it is a homeowner joyfully discovering new plants with which to beautify a home garden, someone hybridizing daylilies, or someone simply wanting a peaceful stroll through a tranquil setting, Clark Garden has proved to be a resource and an inspiration.

While the Town of North Hempstead owns Clark Botanic Garden, The Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc. (FDCMG) is a non-profit organization founded to support, enhance and preserve Clark Botanic Garden for the public to enjoy. As such, the FDCMG's efforts (and its Auxiliary's) complement the Town's role at Clark Botanic Garden. The FDCMG's operating funds enable it to support some Town initiatives within the garden, where appropriate to its mission. The FDCMG also sponsors its own educational, fundraising, social, and voluntary endeavors.

The most imposing improvement to Clark Garden over the past year is the spacious new greenhouse visible from the path from the entrance gate. This facility, near completion, will allow the garden's staff to imagine and implement more varied, more expansive, and more beautiful plantings throughout Clark Garden. Once the structure is complete, it will require all kinds of accessories, furnishings, and supplies in order to take full advantage of this incredible space. The FDCMG would like to support the development of this important new garden space. Your contribution would help us towards this goal and with other new projects.

Please contribute to the Clark Botanic Garden Annual Fund for 2016. This tax deductible gift would be above and beyond your Membership dues. The reverse side of this letter has a form for you to return with your gift.


Jerilyn Dreitlein

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