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Dear Friend of Clark Botanic Garden:

A few weeks ago, the last surviving child of Grenville and Fanny Clark came to visit her childhood home here at Clark Botanic Garden. Louisa, though 92 years old this year, seemed delighted to leisurely stroll about the garden for about a half hour. It was wonderful for me to share that time with her.

As I reflect on that visit, I note that while Clark Botanic Garden will mark its fiftieth year of existence in 2019, its history really goes way further back in the past. Indeed, the oldest planting in Clark Botanic Garden is an enormous Red Oak tree about 200 years old. Was it planted by humans? Was it a chance planting by some animal? We’ll never know, but now that tree is a focal point for the gardens. Many visitors relax for a bit in its shade and look out over garden vistas such as the rose garden, the beds of annual and tropical plants, the community vegetable gardens, the boxwood maze … or just relax and people watch or read a book. It’s fun to watch young school children linking hands and determining how many classmates are needed to give the tree a nice hug.

Thinking about that red oak, one could say that Clark Garden began before Fanny Dwight and Grenville Clark were even born. And, hopefully, the garden will be around for generations to come. This can happen with the combined efforts of the Town of North Hempstead, which owns Clark Botanic Garden, and the complementary efforts of the non-profit The Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc. (and its Auxiliary), and the support of people like you.

This past year marked continued efforts to renew, refresh, and enhance Clark Botanic Garden. With the “new” greenhouse in full operation for almost a year, the summer seasonal plantings were exceptionally beautiful this year -- and many visitors took the time to let garden staff know. The new second floor classroom in the Clark House is now fully operational. The garden just recently had its parking lot repaved, with additional parking spots added. A back up electrical generator for the greenhouses is in the works.

Also, in 2017, a few permanent signs directing visitors to garden highlights have been installed on the property in strategic places. However, the capabilities for the garden to produce engraved botanical signage for labeling plants, signage for special events (like the plant sale), and additional informational signs to enhance visitors’ experiences are limited. To enhance the educational and informational signage in the gardens, new hardware (a PC, special printers, upgrades to our engraving machine), supportive software, and raw materials are needed. Your contribution would help us make these purchases for the garden and support other projects.

Please contribute to the Clark Botanic Garden Annual Fund for 2017. This tax deductible gift would be above and beyond your Membership dues. Please return the form with your gift.


Jerilyn Dreitlein

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