Volunteer at Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc.

Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc. Volunteer Program

One of the many backbones of Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc. is the many facets of its volunteer base. The Clark Gardeners are a specialized group of volunteers whose time is dedicated to the beautifying and maintenance of garden grounds. They are official members of Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc, a nonprofit dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Clark Botanic Garden as a public garden space. Clark Gardeners receive instruction from horticulturalists on site to tackle the Gardenís specific needs.

Garden Workshops are held on the first Monday of every month throughout the season. These workshops cover select topics pertaining to points of interest around the garden. They are presented as a blend of discourse and practice which ultimately focus efforts on the more complex needs of the garden. These workshops are open exclusively to members of the Clark Gardeners Volunteer Program, and are promoted as a method of expanding knowledge on the maintenance of a botanical space and general horticultural practices.


Applicants to the Clark Gardeners Volunteer Program must be at least 18 years of age and be willing to work outdoors in a wide range of weather conditions throughout the planting season. They should be in good physical condition, and are encouraged to express interest in horticulture or topics surrounding.

The membership fee for all applicants of the Clark Gardner Volunteer Program is $30.00. This membership fee is for Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc., FDCMG, Inc, and encompasses all discounts and reciprocal admissions normally associated with membership. For more information visit our membership page.

Volunteers are required to attend our Volunteer Orientation at the start of the season. Commitment to the volunteer program is at minimum once per week.

Duties include: planting, weeding, edging, pruning, fertilizing, deadheading, transplanting, watering, staking, raking, cutting, mulching, shoveling, cultivating, and harvesting.

Program Acceptance
All accepted applications will be notified by telephone.

Elementary School Education Program Volunteers

Special volunteers are also needed for our elementary school education program, weekday mornings from 9 am – 12 pm during the school year. You will conduct the students on tours around the garden. Training will be offered. We need you! Please call Glenn Aldridge, Childrenís Education Coordinator at 516-816-5315.

For more information or a private tour, please call Carol Murphy at 516-484-2208.

Annual Fund Drive

Clark Botanic Garden needs your support.

Please help us maintain our programs and preserve the Clark legacy as a thriving botanic garden by contributing to the Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc. Annual Fund. The garden's success is directly dependent on your generosity.

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Ask the Clark Gardener

Each month one our expert gardener shares insight, motivation and inspiration about gardening. This month, Roellyn Armstrong, Chairperson, FDCMG, Inc. shares her insight about “Flowers You Donít Want to See in Your Spring Garden.”

Please send your gardening questions, comments or stories to the Clark Gardener.

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